No need to copy/paste links on Social media sites as Jetpack Plugin 2.0 will do it for you. Few moments ago, Automatic team released 10th update of Jetpack plugin with next-generation features. Jetpack 2.0 Plugin can publicize to Facebook, Twitter etc. and also allows you to Post article on WordPress by Email. Some catchy features like Photon and Infinite Scroll are also packed with new Jetpack update.

Jetpack Plugin 2.0 Update

Jetpack Plugin 2.0 Update

Jetpack 2.0 Features

  • Publicize on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Tumblr
  • Post by Email
  • Photon – Faster Image Caching
  • Infinite Scroll

Auto Share Post on Social Media using Publicize Feature

Jetpack 2.0 allows your to share content on Facebook, and other social media sites, as soon as you hit publish button. You don’t have to manually share links on Twitter or Facebook when WordPress Jetpack Plugin does it with ease.

Enable Publicize Feature

Make sure that Publicize Feature is enabled under Jetpack Dashboard.

  • Navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Sharing.
Publicize using Jetpack 2

Publicize using Jetpack 2

  • Choose your connection type and click on Add new connection. For Instance, we added a Facebook connection in the screenshot below:
Publicize on Facebook using Jetpack 2

Publicize on Facebook using Jetpack 2

  • Once done, click on the Ok button. Done?
  • Cool, we have a Facebook Connection now. You can try by adding more connections in similar fashion.

Your Thoughts?

Let us know, if Publicize to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr feature helpful or not.