It’s always been a pleasure to work with you. Sometimes, I don’t understand how my idea will materialise but you always know how to make it happen. You can listen, and fully understand what is needed and wanted and can magically make it all happen at the stroke of your programming genius. You can easily transform an idea into something beautiful. And I am very grateful for that. You truly are a professional. Thank you!

Imie Belanger

We are proud of our website, YoursPositively that Akshay Khurana’s TheCreatology designed for us. Already, several of our readers have been asking us who are website designer is. We keep wondering why he has not added the name of his company on our website as: Designed by TheCreatology with his email or contact.

TheCreatology gave us exactly what we wanted — a bright, positive, happy and busy-looking YoursPositively website that is simple to navigate and understand. The design goes with the content we want our website users to view. Thank you, Akshay.

Reena Singh and Oswald Pereira

We’ve been working with Akshay for a while but in this revamp of our website, I had the chance to work with him more closely on a creative project. I walked in with a vision and with some amount of specific direction. What I really enjoyed was that Aky was not just open with my vision and make it a reality but was amazingly open at what was a possibility and what was not and how my ideas could be translated in a tangible way. The iterative process was rather enjoyable and his additions, invaluable. Looking forward to working with him again!

Disha Malik

I have worked with Aky for a year now and happy that he made the UrbanQ8 dream a reality, we could not have done it without him. The process went smooth from inception to completion and his valuable insight was always welcome. We went back and forth through major and minor changes but the turnaround was quick and barely noticeable. If anyone needs a project to be done I highly recommend him.

Tareq Alaskar

Rapid action team once the project starts, absolute delight to work with. Ability to understand and deliver projects before the deadline. No need for followups or reminders. Loved the support give during troubleshooting. Best in the business for WordPress and Thesis Theme. Awaiting to start other projects now. Cheers.

Sanyam Tyagi

The designing team of TheCreatology is excellent. Once the project requirement is understood in the right sense, these people are bang on target.

Karan Batra

TheCreatology Team worked great and provided good results. Whenever I have reported an issue I got the quick fix sooner than expected. However the only issue I see that the team itself didn’t check few basic things which they were supposed to take care. In my case the cross browser compatibility and mobile responsiveness had the issues. Later the issues have been fixed but only after we reported them…This is something a client would expect from the developer team to check, when they are developing a responsive site…I know this wouldn’t sound good but if this can be improved there would be no match of the TheCreatology Team with any other developer team, as apart from this everything they have done is quite amazing.

Amazing team. Always reachable whether it is day or night. The team has done an amazing job building my mobile responsive re-design. One thing you would definitely like about this team is that they are ready to adapt changes even in the middle of a design phase. If you are planning to hire a web developer or a graphic designer (for logo, banner and social media profile headers), you are at right place. Don’t think twice, just hire him, You will be missing out quality work if you choose not to work with Aky Joe. Thank you!! TheCreatology Team, We will be in touch shortly for new upcoming projects.

Chaitanya Singh

It was a pleasure working with Aky, very professional, easy to talk to and was always available for questions and feedback it seemed like he worked 24 hours a day haha he was always there to answer my questions. Thanks so much I will definitely use you guys again!!

Fernando Fernandez

It was great working with Aky, he has great comprehension and technical skills and brought my vision to life.

Tiffany C. Lorde

TheCreatology team understood my vision and were able to take my designs and bring them to life. They are very professional and trustworthy and I use them for all my website needs.

Once again TheCreatology has done amazing work on my site. Working in a timely fashion and delivering ahead of schedule, TheCreatology upgraded my site to Thesis 2.0 and implemented some changes that I requested. And worked with me to create a site that is very responsive. I highly recommend their work and trust them implicitly with my site. Thanks again TheCreatology!

Lulu K. Daniels