Most common complaint from new bloggers is that they don’t know how to install WordPress. Using FTP or editing PHP are some terms, which they are afraid of. But, there is no shame, as everyone starts as a beginner and learns by jumping hurdles.


Though WordPress Setup is a click-a-way job, using fantastico in hosting cPanel, but configuring WordPress to maximize benefits and utilize all its essential features, is what we offer. If you don’t have time to spend, in learning and setting up a professional blog, we introduce and offer you WordPress Free Setup package.

What is WordPress Free Setup ?

TheCreatology offers potential bloggers to start professional WordPress blog. Our WordPress Free Setup Package includes the following services:

  • Full WordPress Installation
  • Basic SEO settings (Permalink structure and Sitemap)
  • All in one SEO and WordPress Stats
  • Schedule Daily Backups for blog
  • Spam Protected Blog
  • Setup Contact Form
  • 16 x 7 Support via Email

If you have any questions regarding the above listed services, then you can direct them to us using the Contact Form below.

Why FREE WordPress Setup ?

We are offering all above mentioned services for FREE! Surprised ‘eh? But, there is no catch as you are not Paying any fees to us. Since this offer is sponsored through Siteground, which has proven to be the Best WordPress Hosting, so we will ask you to Sign-Up for Siteground using our Affiliate Link* . In this way Siteground will pay us the Commission, and you will get our services absolutely free, i.e. to setup your professional blog.

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Sounds Interesting ‘eh?

So what are you waiting for, press the big “setup my blog” button to begin the process. 😉