A website requires consistent care just like a mechanic services to the car at regular interval. Similarly, a dynamic website requires weekly & monthly maintenance tasks for an efficient website experience. TheCreatology offers an annual maintenance exclusively only for TheCreatology customers especially that are using Squirrel WordPress Framework.

Squirrel Flexible HTML5 Framework

Squirrel framework is a potential WordPress theme having swift, flexible and extensible features. In other words, this framework is a custom layer on WordPress core engine. And above all, its primary objective is to improve WordPress website security and boost performance without compromising user experience.

Squirrel Framework is not open source and hence is not for sale. Squirrel is exclusively available to TheCreatology clients only. This HTML5 WordPress framework bundles up with one-year of website maintenance along with the development contract. An exclusive license, per-website-domain, that transacts over a secure channel to validate the authenticity of this maintenance contract. This also allows TheCreatology to track WordPress version of the website so that the maintenance activities are scheduled accordingly.

TheCreatology customer can renew the license every year to take benefit of the maintenance activities. The license renewal receipt is generated once the payment is received as per the agreed cost. The license cost varies from project to project depending upon the complexity of the project.

Annual Website Maintenance

TheCreatology offers annual maintenance activities for your website, as listed below:

  • Schedule monthly database backup using Wp-DB Manager plugin.
  • Update WordPress core files.
  • Update WordPress Plugin core files.
  • Diagnose and resolve development bugs reported due to WordPress core updates or any plugin updates.
  • Instant resolutions to Fatal errors and outages caused by development code.

More Benefits

Not just that, by renewing maintenance license also includes:

  • Instant Phone or Chat Support
  • No-cost Product Development Consultations
  • Higher Priority to Development work requests