WordPress is a powerful platform to organise almost any type of content management system, such as Blog, E-Commerce, Portal on your Website. Managing content, products and its hierarchy is very handy and so are the bulk publishing tools. In this article, we learn about how to bulk edit or publish posts, pages and products in WordPress.

Bulk Edit Posts

To locate bulk actions in WordPress, navigate to Dashboard > All Posts. Just below the Posts Heading and above the posts listing, there is a drop-down selection box “Bulk Actions“. In contrast, this selection box extend bulk editing capabilities for our content management system.

Bulk Edit Actions for Posts

To use bulk editing functionality, we must select the checkboxes located next to post titles. Because we are editing the WordPress posts in bulk. After multi-selecting the posts, select “Edit” to bulk edit the posts. Or “Move to Bin” to trash all the WordPress posts together.

Bulk Edit Actions selection box for Posts

Edit Actions for WordPress Posts

If you select “Edit” bulk action, then we get the following options, as visible in the screenshot below.

Bulk Edit Actions Options for Posts

On the left most pane, it shows the selected post items, followed by the categories. This method is very useful to assign a single category to multiple posts. Similarly, you may assign Author, Allow Comments or Disallow comments, etc.

Bulk Publish WordPress Posts

To change the Status of the post from draft to Published or Pending Review, click on the Status selection box. So, Select “Published” option followed by “Update” button to change the status of the WordPress posts.

Bulk publish Action for Posts

Once you press the update button, WordPress will perform bulk actions to the WordPress posts.

Note: All actions performed cannot be rolled back, hence update with utmost of care.

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