Thesis 2 theme on WordPress blog will drive you & me crazy. Yes, it has newly constructed engine and thrilling dynamics which will make you feel like riding a 1000 cc super-bike. So, much power man!

I like the fact that Thesis 2.0 no longer support hooks and filters, as it is hard to remember all of them at once.

How to Install Thesis 2 on WordPress

How to Install Thesis 2 on WordPress

Hands on Thesis 2 is a series of articles and also request from my potential clients who wish to experience new Thesis Theme. This article explains How to Get Started with New Thesis Theme for WordPress in easy steps below.

Download New Thesis Theme

We have already covered this in our previous article. Click here to read, if you missed it somehow.

Get Started with New Thesis 2

If you are new to Thesis Theme then your journey will be amazing. Whereas, if you choose to upgrade old Thesis theme to Thesis 2, then you should consider my suggestions below.

Do Not Install Thesis 2, if

  • Thesis 1.x theme designed using custom skin, then DO NOT INSTALL!
  • Thesis website developed using Open Hook plugin, then DO NOT INSTALL!
  • You like mountains but not hiking, then DO NOT INSTALL!

Are you confused? Well, reverting back to old Thesis 1.x from Thesis 2.0 is absolutely normal.

Install Thesis 2.0 Theme

Now that you are logically ready, lets kick-start your Thesis 2.0 journey. Follow quick steps to install Thesis 2:

  • Navigate to Dashboard > Appearances > Themes.
  • Select Install Themes Tab and click on Upload text link visible in blue just like in screenshot below.
Step1-Upload Thesis 2 Theme

Step1: Upload Thesis 2 Theme

  • On hitting Install Now button, will take you to theme activation status screen. You can either click to activate theme or choose to do it later.
  • On activating Thesis 2, you will see a welcome page with greeting message. This page is personally designed for Chris Pearson and Missieur (his dog). 😛
Step2- Thesis 2 Welcome Page Get Started

Step2- Thesis 2 Welcome Page Get Started

  • Click green Get Started Button as soon as you activate thesis theme, else your website will show nothing but a white blank template.
  • Once done, refresh your website and you will see something similar to screenshot below.
Thesis Theme with Classic Skin

Thesis Theme with Classic Skin

  • Tada…here it is, the new Thesis Theme loaded with classic skin.

What’s Amazing about Thesis 2?

New Thesis looks similar to older one, but is 10 times powerful in terms of flexibility and extensibility. Check out something amazing about Thesis 2.0, especially for lazy bloggers:

  • Design skins and customize from WordPress admin panel. No FTP!
  • Ease by Drag-drop HTML structure. No Coding!
  • Built-in CSS Packages. No Coding!
  • Missieur (Chris’s dog) tips about SEO, broken links & 404 error pages. The doggie style!

There are many other features in Thesis 2 which will be covered in Hands on Thesis 2 series of articles, so keep in touch via Twitter, Facebook or RSS updates.

That’s all folks!

For any query or further help required post your feedback as comments below.