This Terms of Services document bounds the web design services & web development term expectations in between the company (TheCreatology) and the client for maintaining healthy business relationships. Therefore keeping both the parties in a professional atmosphere and securing the interests involved by both.

Date Created: January 01, 2011 | Last Updated: 23rd Dec, 2018

Terms of Services

TheCreatology, founded in 1st January 2011 by Akshay Khurana, is a web development company in NOIDA. Company is serving startups to medium scale businesses which need web design services, website development, web branding or digital media solutions.

Web Development Services Offered

TheCreatology offers web design and web development services for online applications. Web Development incorporate the use of an open source Content Management System – WordPress for the static or dynamic website design & development. It also uses Squirrel Flexible Framework to boost swiftness of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. All applications delivered adhere to show latest technical standards and quality.

Website development involves a lot of planning and direction. Make sure before purchasing  Web Hosting, that it supports PHP and MySQL for dynamic content management web applications.

Any questions about Terms of Service must direct to Support Team at to help plan the proper feasibility of your project.

Web Design Services Cost or Web Development Rates

  • Designing web elements like Facebook Post Banners, Twitter Promotional Media, Company Logos, Advertisements, etc. costs 50 USDs per hour. Hourly fee is negotiable, in case of bulk work with subject to its complexity.
  • Web development of basic WordPress website starts from 500 USDs. This cost is negotiable in case of bulk work with subject to its complexity. The project cost is inclusive of web design services, migrating from old website to new website, development, mobile responsiveness, on-page SEO and installing tracking tools.
  • Web Consultancy services costs $15 USD per hour. Any other services prompted beyond the accepted terms of contract, shall incur an extra charge per the current hourly rate.

Note: Depending upon the work needed, web development projects may charge with a new rate. However we always take client’s consent and approval before finalising a project cost.

Invoice Structure

TheCreatology, registered under Goods & Services Tax of India, having GST Nunber: 09BHYPK1682G1ZQ.

  • All rates for clients located outside of India are in United States Dollars (USD) where rates for clients located within India are in Indian Rupees (INR). However, the invoice generated is only with (INR) as base currency along with exchange rate mentioned in notes.
  • 20% payment of total amount in advance to start design phase, further more 50% payment of total amount to start the development phase. Finally a 90% payment of total amount to deploy project online, furthermore 100% payment to handover project services.
  • An invoice generates upon completion of the project. Client gets fifteen(15) days to process full invoice payments. Failure to do so incurs 5% late fee as interest charge, added to the total billed amount.
  • All clients located within India are liable under 18% GST slab. Whereas, clients located outside India are liable under 0% GST exempted slab. All estimates and tax invoices shall contain the break down of total cost, as applicable.

Payment Modes & Fees

  • Payment via PayPal: Payments made to are valid only. Use of a credit or debit card in PayPal, is an optional feature, for users not registered with PayPal. For using PayPal payment mode, we charge an extra 6.5% of total amount.
  • Payment via Bank Transfer: All invoices contain Bank Transfer details. However user may write us on to ask for Bank Details.
  • Refusal to pay an invoice will suspend the client services, until the amount due in addition to the late fee of exceeding the fifteen days (15) payment limit, is paid in full. In case of a failure in payment, all work for the client terminates until the payment owed clears completely.
  • Please note that due to non-control over a published digital property, all payments are non-refundable.

Ownership of Services and Production

  • In the case of a mechanical failure, theft or natural calamity, TheCreatology does not guarantee the digital backup of web graphics, web development projects.
  • Client holds the right to services and products supplied by TheCreatology.
  • The client gives TheCreatology the right to use an image of their completed project to showcase in TheCreatology’s portfolio.
  • A client gives the right to use an image of their completed project for the promotion of TheCreatology’s services.

Agreement with this Contract

By ordering design or development services from TheCreatology, you acknowledge to agree with all these Terms of Services presented herein and comply therewith. Failure to comply with this contract at any time shall waive all liabilities regarding the project on the part of TheCreatology.

Feel free to contact Akshay Khurana at in case you require a negotiation for any information, in context to compliance with the contract.