Have you ever heard of Publishing article directly from email? Sounds crazy, ‘eh? Well, a new feature of Jetpack plugin, Post by Email, allows you to publish articles on WordPress Blog  just by sending email.

Jetpack 2 Post by Email Feature

Jetpack 2 Post by Email Feature

WordPress Mobile App is limited only to IOS and Android supported devices. Whereas, with Post by Email feature, you can quickly post articles from any mobile device supporting email. Double benefit for smart phones!

In this article, we will learn to Publish article by Email on WordPress blog.

Jetpack 2: Post by Email Working Analogy

Check the illustration explaining post by email feature working, below:

Jetpack Post by Email Analogy

Jetpack Post by Email feature working explained

Above illustration explains the following:

  • To field containing Secret Email Address points to WordPress Blog
  • Subject field points to Title of WordPress Post
  • Body field points to Content of WordPress Post

Generate Secret Email Address for Blog

Secret email address bridges between Email client and WordPress blog. A special email address generates every time you enable Post by Email feature on your Blog. It is an unique email address and must be kept secret unless you want other people to publish articles on your blog.

Below is procedure to generate secret email address:

Note: Make sure you have enabled Post by Email feature under Jetpack Dashboard settings.

  • Navigate to Dashboard > Users > Your Profile.
  • Scroll down till you see Post by Email.
Jetpack 2 Enable Post by Email Feature

Enable Post by Email Feature

  • Click the Enable Post by Email button. Once done, you will see something similar to screenshot below.
Jetpack 2 Secret Email Address

Secret Email Address

  • Don’t disclose your Secret Email Address with anyone.
  • Whereas, if you experience any fraud then use Regenerate Address button or Disable Post by Email button.

Compose Email to Post on WordPress

Now that we have generated secret email address for blog, let’s get started. Check out the info graphic about writing an email to publish article on WordPress, below:

Compose Email to Post on WordPress

Compose Email to Post on WordPress

Refer to Post by Email working analogy explained above. Also, there are some post formatting options and short-codes available here, for advanced blogging.

Note: Make sure you proof-read before sending email, as there is no option to update post.

Once done, send email to the secret email address.

Post Published from Email

Let’s see the post published via email on WordPress test site.

Post Published by Email

Post Published by Email

Looks good!

What else?

Post by Email feature can be effective for bloggers covering news, live events and press conferences etc. They can draft email templates before hand to save more time for proof-reading content.

What do you think about Jetpack Post by Email feature? Do let us know by posting a comment below.