In January 2018, WhatsApp owned by Facebook introduced WhatsApp Business for android platform. As a result it changed a lot of things for small scale business owners and shopkeepers. And so extending a little, on April 4th 2019, WhatsApp owned by Facebook introduced WhatsApp Business for iOS platform. In this article, we will help you understand why you should create WhatsApp business account profile for your work.

Key Features of WhatsApp Business

Below are some features to help you understand why WhatsApp Business is a need for your work:

Business Account Profile for Work

WhatsApp Business Online Presense TheCreatology

For small scale businesses, shopkeepers and those using phone messaging a lot. It helps you with an account profile creating a presence for your business. Today, making an online presence is as vital as oxygen and water for your business. Above all, a customer always judge your business with digital branding and its online presence. Hence, this platform helps you create business profile quickly in minimalistic way. For instance, it defines Business operational hours, description or profile, location etc.

WhatsApp Business lets you to create an account by using Mobile number, a Toll-Free number or a Fixed landline phone number!

Quick Shortcuts to Reply Customer Messages

Quick Shortcuts to Reply Customers

Quick Replies feature allow you to type redundant messages or templates in a tap. Of course, you’ll need to put one-time effort to create business reply templates. But it’s super easy and makes your life tap-a-way. 😉

Automated Greet Messages on WhatsApp

Automated Greet and Away Messages on WhatsApp

The smartest feature of WhatsApp business is the Artificial Intelligence bot. Certainly, if you’re at work or away from desk, WhatsApp will acknowledge each and every message received from the customer. It allows you to setup automated greet message that triggers whenever a new customer drop-ins. Furthermore, greets the same customer again in case there was no interaction for 14-days over chat.

Custom Labels to Organize Business

Custom Labels to Organize Business and Productivity

This is an easing feature, in case a business chat or a contact gets complex. You can easily tag or label chats or contacts to improve productivity of your business flow. It not only helps in organising the clutter but also lets you follow up with the current status. For instance, if couple of payments are awaiting from the customers, then just filter the chats by labels. It will save a lot of time rather than scrolling all-the-way down. Less stress, you see?

Conclusion – Create WhatsApp Business Account

We highly recommend you to try this free approach from WhatsApp owned by Facebook. If you’ve a restaurant, or real-time delivery services, or any professional services, then WhatsApp Business will do wonders for you. So, create a WhatsApp business account now to improve productivity and efficiency.

Real-Time delivery services like Food Delivery, Tiffin Delivery, Taxi or Cabs Booking, Auto-rickshaw or Tuk Tuk bookings, Travel & Tour Guides, etc.

Professional Services like Web Designing, Mobile App Development, Consultations, Trading, Constructions, Maintenance or Repairs, etc.

Try WhatsApp Business