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#Explore the limitless possibilities with our programming
methodology, creativity and the truelove approach.

We can help you #StartBusinessOnline and #Create
a meaningful connection between your audience.

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A problem solving approach, inspired by the #simplicity of
#nature, conventions and being truthful to its resources.

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We Design


The design intent is sober, clean, objective & highly-optimized to boost the website’s performance.


Outstanding presentation of your idea through web, social media, mobile, advertisements & print media.


Articulated methodology used to natively adapt each device-type, screen-type & browser-kind.

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Wow! Benefits

Any application, product or service delivered, covers the following benefits:

Search Engine Optimisation( On-Page )

Websites are optimally structured and tested to rank better on search engines.

Social Media Integration( Sweetness )

Apps enjoy the high integrity and power of social media networking websites.

Troubleshooting( 16×5 hours Support )

Super quick resolution to fix fatal errors, bugs and other worst case scenarios.

The Works

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The Testimonials

Words of #appreciation from our esteemed clients…

We’ve been working with Akshay for a while but in this revamp of our website, I had the chance to work with him more closely on a creative project. I walked in with a vision and with some amount of specific direction. What I really enjoyed was that Aky was not just open with my vision and make it a reality but was amazingly open at what was a possibility and what was not and how my ideas could be translated in a tangible way. The iterative process was rather enjoyable and his additions, invaluable. Looking forward to working with him again!
Disha Malik [CollegeCore Education]
I have worked with Aky for a year now and happy that he made the UrbanQ8 dream a reality, we could not have done it without him. The process went smooth from inception to completion and his valuable insight was always welcome. We went back and forth through major and minor changes but the turnaround was quick and barely noticeable. If anyone needs a project to be done I highly recommend him.
Tareq Alaskar [UrbanQ8 Films]
Rapid action team once the project starts, absolute delight to work with. Ability to understand and deliver projects before the deadline. No need for followups or reminders. Loved the support give during troubleshooting. Best in the business for WordPress and Thesis Theme. Awaiting to start other projects now. Cheers.
Sanyam Tyagi [Steeroids]
The designing team of TheCreatology is excellent. Once the project requirement is understood in the right sense, these people are bang on target.
Karan Batra [Chartered Club]

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