Images not aligning properly in article after upgrading to WordPress 3.4 ? If Not, then you are lucky and can skip this post. If Yes, then it is because of a recent WordPress 3.4 update which came out  few days back. Even, I got aware of this issue after posting an article earlier today, where I found all images aligned to left automatically with a broken caption box.

Image Alignment in WordPress 3-4

Though WordPress 3.4 Update has some nice improvements, but it has affected a lot of WordPress themes and frameworks. Here is what WordPress 3.4 Codex for image caption shortcode states… (important for developers)

Change the image caption shortcode format to {caption shortcode}{anchor tag}{image tag}caption text + html{close anchor tag}{close caption shortcode} that way HTML tags in captions are better supported and the shortcode wouldn’t break when using the wrong quotes.

When I saw markup in firebug, of a recently posted article after upgrading to WordPress 3.4, I found that image caption shortcode didn’t generate the div tag to form caption box. Check out the screenshot below:

Markup Difference in WP 3-4

Markup Difference in WordPress 3.4 Version

Got the difference? Yes, the div tag is missing in after WordPress 3.4 clipping and hence breaking image caption box.

How to fix Image Caption Issue

There hasn’t been a proper solution to overcome image caption box issue, but you can:

  • Makes changes in Theme CSS file,
  • Manually add caption html tags or
  • Avoid usage of image caption shortcode

Thesis Theme Users – Update to Thesis 1.8.5

An update for Thesis Theme will be available for its users by next week, as said by Chris Pearson. He has also suggested 2 options for Thesis users which you can check out in a Conversation with Chris on Twitter, in screenshot below:

chat with chris thesis owner

Interaction with Chris for Thesis Update

I chose to wait for Thesis 1.8.5, as it’s not recommended to mess with Thesis core files.

Thesis 1.8.5 is Available now ?

Yes, new version of Thesis Theme is available for download now. Click here or the image below saying Thesis 1.8.5

Thesis 1-8-5 bug fix release

Get Thesis Theme 1.8.5

(Post Updated on 19/06/2012)

Whats next ?

Have a similar problem with Image Caption Box Alignment after WordPress 3.4 Update ? Ask your theme developer now, for a fix. Whereas if you have a proper solution to it, then share it with us here, by posting a comment below.