Few days back, I mentioned about Image Caption Problem with WordPress 3.4 upgrade and about release of Thesis 1.8.5. Well, Chris Pearson, is a man of his words and has released a Bug Fix Version of Thesis Theme. According to Chris, this version has not only fixed image captions but has also resolved Multisite Installation bugs.

Thesis 1-8-5 bug fix release

Get Thesis Theme 1.8.5

I figured that out myself, after upgrading to latest version of thesis theme and found all images boxes aligned properly, way they were before upgrading to WordPress 3.4. I did check the post markup, and it was neat, where all image captions were properly wrapped inside the div tags. Check out the screenshot for the same:

Image Captions Fixed WordPress 3-4

Image Captions Fixed (Click to Zoom)

How to Upgrade Thesis Theme

It’s recommended to keep your Thesis Theme updated to have maximum efficiency from your one-time investment. Follow this easy tutorial to Upgrade Thesis Theme.

Thesis 1.8.5 Release Notes

Check out, official release notes for Thesis 1.8.5, here.

That’s it, ‘eh?

Yes! Upgrading to Thesis Theme 1.8.5 will certainly resolve, image caption issue and all other problems with WordPress 3.4, hopefully.

If you still have problems with Thesis or WordPress 3.4, then you can share them with us, by posting a comment below.