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How to safely edit Custom Functions file in Thesis Theme ?

by Aky Joe

I have already shared many Thesis Theme Tutorials here, but the most common feedback received is “My website crashed while editing custom functions file, Please help!” which I believe is a Human error. While Acknowledging those comments, sometimes get so redundant and leaving me with no other choice.

Thesis Custom Function error

Thesis Custom Function error

DIY Thesis Theme offers flexibility of customizing to meet your requirements. Editing Custom_Function.php features to customize layout of website and functionality while Custom.css take cares of the look and feel of the website. Custom Functions is very sensitive file of Thesis Theme as any wrong code may result to fatal error, hence crashing your website. In the article we will learn how to safely edit custom_functions.php file in Thesis Theme.

The tutorial requires updated versions of WordPress and Thesis Theme. If you are using old version of Thesis then you can refer to article Safely upgrade to latest version Thesis 1.8 ?

Where is Custom Functions file located ?

As mentioned above Thesis Theme is a raw theme and offers flexibility to customize as per your requirements. Custom Functions file is located in Custom Folder of Thesis Theme Directory. You can simply edit custom function file using the Thesis Custom File Editor. Refer to the screenshot below:

Thesis Custom File Editor

Thesis Custom File Editor

How to edit Thesis Custom_Functions.php file ?

Editing custom functions is easy just like bread-butter with some vegetables and mayonnaise. But if you miss something, it will not taste good, on the complimentary, adding wrong code or missing any operator will lead to fatal error and crashing your website. Below is a handy procedure to safely edit custom functions file:

  • Login to WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Thesis > Custom File Editor.
  • In the drop down list under “Current editing text:” Choose custom_functions.php and click Edit Selection button next to it. Refer to screenshot below:
Edit Custom Functions Thesis

Edit Custom Functions Thesis

  • After clicking the edit selected button, you will be redirected to edit Custom Function file. Now that was easy, isn’t it ? Play safe. 🙂

Safely Edit the custom_functions.php

To be on the safe side, you can refer to below set of points which are regard to avoid common error while editing Custom_Functions.php file.

  • Make sure to take backup of custom folder using FTP before making changes.
  • Make sure you don’t miss any php operator. Check out the screenshot below:
Wrong PHP Code

Wrong PHP Code

Correct PHP Code

Correct PHP Code

  • Make sure you don’t use redundant function names or thesis hooks.

These are some common mistakes which we commit and that you are aware, it can be taken care of. With this, we come to the end of tutorial How to safely edit Custom Functions file in Thesis.

If you think I missed any point here, you can share here with us by posting a comment below. Sharing knowledge can only make you and me perfect. 😉

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