After the launch of Twitter Follow button for website, it was Google who came up with their +1 Like button on social media. Google like button helps your online contacts, friends to find the best stuff when they Google search for some stuff. Its being said that Google like button will be in good competition with Facebook Like button in the coming times.

How +1 Google Button Works ?

Google Like button

Google Like button

As I mentioned above, Google +1 button is a recommend button and it works more like a Vote button. When you click Google +1 button on website, it add recommend that particular page on Google Search Results. When any of your Google contact or a friend searches for relevant article, Google displays that article, with your vote and a small photo in search result, just like in screenshot below:

Google like button Working

Google Search Results

Google Like Button Code for Website

In WordPress, blog placement for Google like button on single post is effective, as usually a visitor will only share it after going through the post. There are 4 different types of Google Like button developed to fit best on your website. Below is the Google like button code for WordPress to add Google +1 Like Button on single post and you can add the code in single.php file.

Make sure you take full backup of single.php file using FTP before modifying it.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

If the above code doesn’t fit in your theme layout, you can play around with 4 different set of buttons, click here to know more.

We’re Done!

Once you have updated the code, save single.php file and upload it on server. Now you can refresh any single post on website, it will look something like in the screenshot below:

Google Like button preview

Google Like button in Single Post

Isn’t it looking cool ? Welcome, now that we have learned how to add new Google Like Button on Website. Let us know your opinions about the Launch of New Google Button in Social Media, by posting a comment below.

If you have any query or further assistance is required, you can post a comment as your feedback.