A much awaited version of WordPress 3.6 “Oscar” is finally out of the jingle box. It is a stable release, especially for the Power Users, with a mobile responsive theme Twenty Thirteen and Revision History Engine. WordPress also claims to save post revision history, for each post-type, over 150 years only if you can survive up to that. LOL!

Oscar WordPress 3.6 Version

WordPress 3.6 Version “Oscar”

Why WordPress 3.6 Oscar ?

According to WP-Team, the version 3.6 is named after a great Jazz Pianist from Canada, Oscar Peterson.

Features for Blogger / User

There are no hidden features in WordPress 3.6, but here is a quick view below:

  • New Twenty Thirteen theme: To advance your level of Blogging, a new mobile optimized theme included is awesome. Twenty thirteen theme is a responsive and HTML5 friendly.
  • Revision History Engine: Revisions History Engine reconstructed to maximize its benefits for power bloggers. You can easily compare WordPress post revisions with a timeline slider.
  • WP-Embed Music shortcode: Easily embed music over Spotify & Rdio with new short-codes .
  • WP-HTML5 Media Player: A new html5 media player introduced for better cross browser stability and for your audio/video embeds.
  • WP-Menu New UI: New admin menu UI, lets you select the menu from drop down list and manage it. This is quite simple and much organized than the conventional tabbed one.

Features for Developers

  • New filters included for better extensibility.
  • External libraries updated  like jQuery, jQuery UI, Backbone etc.
  • Improved HTML5 markup for default comment forms, search forms and comment lists.
  • New Media API included to extract ID3 tags from music and video files.

There are many more uncovered features in this version, important for your website or your client’s project development. So, stay tuned for more articles on WordPress 3.6 development.

Is Upgrading to WP 3.6 Safe?

WordPress 3.6 is a stable release, hence upgrading to WordPress 3.6 is absolutely safe. If you’re cooking something beyond the recipes of WordPress, then you might experience tasteless & sour layouts. 😛

Did you update WordPress, yet? If Yes, how is the experience so far? If No, what are you wondering about WordPress 3.6? Do let us know by posting a comment below.