WordPress Vulnerable Jetpack Plugin Update

A security breach detected in a commonly used plugin Jetpack, as a result makes the WordPress site vulnerable to hackers. However, this serious bug in Jetpack plugin, lets hacker to mess around with website database and gain full site access as well. Wake-Up!

If you’re not aware of Jetpack plugin version, then contact your web administrators and ask them to update Jetpack plugin to 2.9.3 version it for you. If you choose to DIY, then:

Update Jetpack Plugin from Dashboard

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Dashboard > Plugins
  3. In the list of installed plugins, find Jetpack by WordPress.com and check the version number below it.
  4. If you’re using an older version < 2.9.3, then there shall be an update message below the plugin itself, saying “There is a new version of Jetpack by WordPress.com available. View version 2.9.3 details or update now.”
  5. Click on Update Now and it will redirect to update plugin page.
  6. Bravo! You’re safe now!

For more details you can read WordPress News about Jetpack 2.9.3: Critical Security Update