First of all, TheCreatology welcomes you & your loved ones, a Happy New Year 2019. Last year 2018 wasn’t too bad either, apart from blogging point of view, but we designed some awesome WordPress websites for the lovely clients. Experience of 10 years in digital field marketing, in contrast, envisions us to help you kick start online business idea.

Our goal is to create web the best place for a targeted audience.

What’s Upcoming in New Year 2019?

New Year 2019 brings a new ideation to design better web. We’re more focused, therefore more thoughtful to articulate technology and its resources.

Revamping This Website

Website Loading Screen TheCreatology
Website Loading Screen

TheCreatology website revamp was long due and the wait is finally over. This time we have focused to achieve better readability of the content using eye-friendly web contrast colours.

How to Start Online Business?

We believe that simplicity of complex elements can achieve better and improved results. Therefore, we introduce you to our new approach to start business online.

Web Design & Development Services

Web Design Digital Branding Mobile App Development
Web Design. Digital Branding. Mobile Development

We are a one-shop for your digital needs. Certainly, Quick Website, Digital Branding, Business IT Consultation, or Mobile App Development solutions under one-roof. Also, we’re improving WordPress Squirrel Framework for robust web experience. Furthermore, it now supports Woocommerce plugin to start online shopping business platform.

We offer more benefits with each service delivered. Most noteworthy are free on-page SEO for websites and one year of troubleshooting support.

Web News & Updates

We promise to share more digital marketing strategies. Also, web designs tips and WordPress development tutorials by means of blog. Even more, you may subscribe using the favourite social media icon below or a news feed to receive instant updates.

Let’s Make Web a Better Place

There are so many websites that are flagged out from Search Engines. Above all Google Search Engine tops that list in the digital world. Furthermore, to rank top on Google, is getting even harder as we speak or probably as you read. In spite of all tools provided by Google, why website can’t rank on top of Google? Because the website doesn’t meet standards which Web wants. And for fact Google’s basic idea is to make this web a better place.

Here at TheCreatology, we also want to improve website’s health for search engines and compete with the world. For instance, a doctor improving the immune system of human body for better health. Similarly, we want to optimise your website for lead conversions. Develop minified and compressed code for faster web-page loading, so it’s efficient.

Lastly, we hope to walk heads high with this approach and help you start business online. Happy New Year 2019!