Does your blog show Previous-Next Links on home page ? The reason behind the question is the missing swift feature on blog. As we know that, Previous-Next links in Thesis Theme is less prominent, hence they increase bounce rate and pagination is not that effective too. In my previous article, I mentioned about how we can Style Previous Next Links in WordPress to decrease bounce rate. In the following article we will learn to add Pagination on blog to increase efficient paging.

how to add pagination in wordpress blog

Efficient Paging

How to add Pagination in WordPress Blog ?

Pagination adds an advantage in a blog as making smart navigation on website. In this article we will use WordPress Plugin WP-PageNavi to add pagination on WordPress. But, before we proceed to add pagination in Thesis Theme,  I recommend you to safely upgrade thesis theme.

Below is a simple 2-Step procedure to add Pagnavi in WordPress blog:

Step 1: Install PageNavi Plugin

  • Navigate to WordPress Admin Panel > Plugins > Add New.
  • Search for plugin “wp-pagenavi” and install the plugin. Or you can also download the plugin here.
  • Once the plugin is installed, activate it.

Step 2: Add PageNavi in Thesis Theme

In order to add pagination on blog page, edit custom_functions.php file and copy-paste the below code snippet.

Make sure you take full backup of custom_functions.php file using FTP before modifying it.

// Page Navigation
function joe_adds_page_navi(){
if (!is_single() && !is_page()){ ?>
<div id="pagenavi"><?php if(function_exists('wp_pagenavi')) { wp_pagenavi(); } ?></div>
<?php }}

We Are Done!

After adding the code, we are done with the adding pagination to blog page. Once done, refresh the blog page and you will find it similar to screenshot below.

pagination demo screenshot

Page Navigation Demo

Thesis WordPress is a great theme and adding Pagination, just makes it perfect. It is believed that the next version of Thesis Theme will have Pagination preinstalled. Since there is no exact date when it will going to happen, but by that time we can add Pagination manually to Thesis Theme.

If you have any query or any further assistance is required, you can post comment as your feedback.