Google Analytics is a Web Analysis Tool, which gives insight of Page Visits and Daily Traffic. Google Team is improving Analytic Product day-by-day, to present more precise and accurate  reports.

Google analytics for wordpress

Google Analytics

In the article we will learn to add Google Analytics Code in WordPress using Thesis Theme. But before that, we will have to setup Google Analytics Profile.

How to Setup Google Analytics Profile ?

Setting up Google analytics profile is not a big deal, all you need is a Google Account. If you are using Gmail or any other Google Product, then it clears that you have a Google Account associated. Login into your Gmail or any other Google account, and click here to Access Analytics. You will find something like below as in screenshot:

Add google analytics to wordpress

Google Analytics Login Page

Once we gain access to Google Analytics account, we will have to setup a profile for our website.

  • Click to add new profile on Dashboard.
  • Next screen, enter domain name and select country. You may also refer to screenshot below:
setup new google analytics profile

New Google Analytics Profile

  • Once done, click Finish button and we have created the Website Profile.

Get Google Analytics Code

Now that we have created our profile we will now, get Google Analytics Code to Verify website.

  • On the Google Analytics Dashboard, click to Edit your listed profile.
  • Next, Click on Tracking Status or Check Status Link.
  • In the next screen it will show you instruction to add tracking code on your website. Grab the Google Analytics Code and paste is on a Notepad file for future reference. (Refer to Screenshot Below)
Get Google Analytics Code for website

Grab Google Analytics Code

Add Analytics Code in WordPress Thesis Theme

Adding Tracking Code in Thesis Theme is a click-a-way job. Here is how we will be going to do that:

  • Navigate to WordPress Dashboard Admin Panel > Thesis > Site Options.
  • In site options, look for Stats Software/Scripts. Now expand the item and insert the Tracking Code in the Text Area similar to what you can see in the screenshot below:
add tracking code in thesis theme

Add Analytics Code in Thesis Site Options

  • Once done, click the Big Green Save Button and we are done.

We Are Done!

Now, that we have installed the tracking code on our website, you can now Verify Google Analytics Profile so that Google bots can crawl website, and track each-n-every activity on your website.

If you have any queries for further help is required you can post comment as your opinion.