You must be wondering when Thesis Theme offers great features, why there is no feature to adjust excerpt length on homepage ? Same question knocks my mind too, but I couldn’t find a good reason to it. Instead, I found an alternative to adjust teaser post length and in this article we will learn how to change excerpt length of teaser in thesis theme.

Change Teaser length in Thesis Theme

Post Excerpt of Teaser in Thesis Theme

But before we go ahead with the tutorial, I recommend you to update Thesis Theme. Don’t know how to do that ? Well, it is simple, just refer to article Safely upgrade to latest version Thesis 1.8 ? If you don’t have Thesis Theme Copy then you can also Download Thesis Theme.

Analogy behind Excerpt Length of Teaser

One thing I like about customizing WordPress, is its filter feature, with which you can override any default function of WordPress. So, analogy behind adjusting excerpt length is too using WordPress filter and overriding it with another filter with new parameters.

Change Excerpt Length in Thesis Theme

To change excerpt length on homepage, add the below code in custom_functions.php in Thesis Theme.

NOTE: Make sure you take full backup of custom_functions.php file using FTP before modifying it or you can also refer to the article about how to safely edit custom_functions.php

// Teaser Length
function teaser_length($length) {
 return 70;
add_filter('excerpt_length', 'teaser_length');

Once you have added above code in custom functions, refresh the website homepage and look for the teaser length. If it doesn’t satisfy you, simply adjust value on line number 3 of above code depending on your need.

With this we come to end of this simple tutorial where we learned how to adjust excerpt length in Thesis Theme. If you have any query or further assistance is required, post your feedback as comment below.