Almost every WordPress user is familiar with the JetPack Plugin by Automatic. JetPack WordPress plugin has been really innovative and has made things much easy for the bloggers.


Install JetPack Plugin

If you haven’t installed JetPack plugin up till now, then you are really missing the show. You can refer to my article on how to install jetpack plugin on WordPress blog and experience the power of WordPress jetpack plugin. On analyzing WordPress site stats, I found an interesting fact about Site Stats JetPack plugin, so I am sharing it with you.

As we know about WordPress Site Stats plugin error and the problem was resolved by the JetPack plugin. New Site Stats plugin, has two types of representation for Site Stats. One is Bar Graph type and the other is Humanize Type. Bar Graph is a graphical representation of the site visits. Bar graph type can be tricky for users, who don’t even know what bar graph is. Respecting the fact, WordPress developed the Humanize type, as it explains the site stats value in a very humanly manner. Below is a screenshot of a WordPress site showing stats in Humanize Type. (Click to Zoom)

interesting fact about site stats jetpack plugin wordpress

Humanize Type Site Stats Presentation

As you can see in above picture, how it says that “Today you have had 2 visits” and then how it explains the fact about number two (2) it says

Two and three are the only two consecutive prime numbers. 2 is the first Sophie Germain prime, the first factorial prime, the first Lucas prime, …

And WordPress jetpack plugin explains the facts for every number, like for number zero (0) it says

The number 0 is the smallest non-negative integer. The natural number following 0 is 1 and no natural number precedes 0.”

It though looks easy, but the concept behind is very innovative and thoughtful. I really appreciate WordPress Team behind the JetPack Humanize concept.

Did you think over it ? Let us know, if you came across any more interesting facts about WordPress, and share with us. Don’t forget to share your views about this concept, by posting a comment below. I will be waiting. 🙂