Wesite Load Time is Annoying

Wesite Load Time is Annoying

Is your blog using Thesis Theme, takes a lot of time while loading a page or homepage ? If you are not sure, then you can check page load time for your website page using Pingdom Tools. These tools helps you in analyzing resources that are causing page loading. Usually Images and JavaScript are the major factor behind page load time on Website or on Blog.

How to Optimize Image ?

Pingdom Tools test will help you create a list of Images which are causing page load time and then you can use Smush It tool by Yahoo! to optimize images on website.

How to Optimize JavaScript ?

There are many JavaScript compression tools available online, which reduces the JavaScript code size. One of the tools, which I prefer is JavaScript Compressor. This tool till help you reduce the size of your JavaScript code, by truncating spaces and other used lines. But in case JavaScript is causing the delay in page loading, then it is a major concern as JavaScript is declared in the Head Section which loads before the body, hence causing delay. But if you are using Thesis WordPress Theme then you don’t have to worry about it. In this article, we will learn about how you can reduce load time using Thesis Theme.

Before we proceed with the tutorial, I want to make sure that you are using latest version of thesis, if not then you can refer to article and Safely upgrade to latest version Thesis 1.8

Thesis Theme has an advanced control panel featuring a lot of options to optimize SEO, typography and layout design. I have already mentioned the Design Options in an article Ease with Thesis WordPress Theme Design options panel. We will use design options to embed code in footer which will reduce page load time.

How to add Script using Thesis Options ?

I have seen many bloggers using JavaScript in head section, and even which is not mandatory. For instance, many people add stats-tracking code or other third party media codes in head section and causes delay in page loading.

add script using thesis options

Additional Scripts: Thesis Site Options

In order to overcome page loading issues, simply add the code after footer section. Here is a simple procedure to move scripts from head section to footer section (If there is no code in head section, then you can simply skip this procedure):

  • Login to WordPress Admin panel and navigate to Thesis > Site Options.
  • Click on the Additional Scripts to expand.
  • Copy the unnecessary JavaScript code on Clip Board or on a Notepad for safer side.
  • Click Big Green Save Button.
  • Now, navigate to Thesis > Design Options and expand JavaScripts.
  • Paste the code in the text area, you can refer to the screenshot below.
add script thesis design options

JavaScripts: Thesis Design Options

  • Now click Big Green Save Button and you are done.

Refresh the site, and test it out using the Pingdom Tools again. Let us know your page load time after using this tutorial, by posting a comment below.

Page load time should not be more than 10-15 seconds, as accordingly to Google terms, your website can be black listed. But you can surely optimize website using thesis, and I hope this tutorial get productive for you. If you have any query or further assistance is required, you can simply post a comment below as your feedback.