Almost everybody is using smart phones and are surfing websites though that medium. But mobile phones have comparatively smaller resolution than a laptop or desktop computer screen and hence it either break a website layout or make it hard for user to zoom in and out. Unacceptable? Yes, indeed! But, if your website is running WordPress then Jetpack Plugin 1.8.1 update features a mobile optimized website.

Jetpack PLugin Mobile Theme Update Now

Mobile Theme: Jetpack Plugin 1.8 Update

What’s New in Jetpack 1.8 Update?

Mobile Theme Jetpack plugin update proclaims to deliver better mobile browsing interface making content more readable with less cluttered layout. We tried testing this plugin update on a travel blog to see its effect. Well, we found it working fine and content looks neat and readable. Got a screenshot of the difference showing one with Normal WordPress and other having Jetpack enabled Mobile Theme. Check below:

JetPack Mobile Theme Update Difference

Jetpack Mobile Theme vs Normal WordPress Theme (IOS 6  | Chrome Browser)

I hope that says it all.

How to get Jetpack Mobile Theme Feature ?

To get mobile theme feature on blog, you will have to install/update Jetpack plugin. Not sure about how to update Jetpack Plugin, follow this procedure below:

  • Login to WordPress Admin Panel and Navigate to Dashboard > Plugin.
  • Find Jetpack Plugin listed and click on Update Automatically link in orange.
  • You will get redirected to update plugin status page.
  • Done? Now navigate to Dashboard > Jetpack  and Activate Jetpack Mobile Theme Widget.

Pros & Cons for Jetpack Mobile Theme

Wondering if it is worth installing on WordPress Blog or not? Here is a list of Pros & Cons for you to figure out, read below:


  • Better readability on Mobile Devices.
  • Less Cluttered and 1-Column mobile layout
  • Option to toggle on/off mobile theme.
  • Option to show full post or excerpt post content.


  • Doesn’t work with custom page layouts.
  • No option to customize theme colors.
  • Menu Drop Button could have been better, as nobody will bother to click it.

What do you think?

Are you getting Jetpack Mobile theme? I believe it is worth a try, after all it comes with toggle option. 😉

Share your thoughts about this New Jetpack Mobile Theme feature introduced with Plugin Update 1.8 and you can do so by posting a comment below.