Welcome to Setup My Free WordPress Blog page. Now that you have landed on this Page, we will guide you through this process of how to get free WordPress installation service.

It’s as simple as it sounds. We setup WordPress platform on the host as you’d sign up for below. We also install WordPress themes and other recommended SEO plugins to boost a website’s performance over Google Search Engine.

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Step1: Sign-up for Siteground Hosting

As free WordPress Blog setup offer is sponsored by Siteground, so you must sign-up using the affiliate link below:

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Sign-up for Siteground

(Using the above link, will win us a commission credit from Siteground.)

Once done with sign-up and payment, you will receive account information and verification Email from Siteground Team.

Step2: WordPress Blog Free Setup Request

To start with WordPress Free Setup, we will need some information from you. The information is relevant to what you must have received from the Siteground Team, like the cPanel details, domain name etc.  and you may forward the same to us on help [at] thecreatology [dot] com.

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After receiving the application we will verify your request for our commission with Siteground. On approval, we shall take at least 10-12 hours to process your application and get back to you as soon as possible. But on disapproval, which means that you didn’t sign-up using our affiliate link, an application is ignored. However, you may get in touch with us for further clarifications.

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