If you are an Email Marketer then you must be knowing about MailChimp, no big deal if you don’t know What MailChimp is ? MailChimp is one of the best Email marketing service on web, which helps you to circulate Newsletters, Notices & other promotional media amongst your subscriber list. Doesn’t flatter your mind ? Go ahead and sign up for MailChimp for FREE Trial Account Now! 🙂

Free-MailChimp-AccountOnce you have MailChimp account, you would want to see things in action, probably by embedding MailChimp form on WordPress Blog/website. MailChimp features you to embed form in two ways either using Html/JS code or using WordPress Plugin. Out of these two option, I found WordPress Plugin to be the easier way to integrate MailChimp form on website. Hence, in the article we will learn how to add MailChimp subscription form using WordPress plugin.

I have divided this tutorial into four sections that is Installation, Configuration, Styling and Embedding form in Sidebar.

Install MailChimp Plugin in WordPress Blog

As MailChimp plugin is free to use, so our basic step will be to install MailChimp Subscribe List Plugin.

  • Login to WordPress Admin and Navigation to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New Plugin.
  • Search with “mailchimp” keyword and find “MailChimp List Subscribe Form” and click Install Now.

Install MailChimp Plugin

  • Once the plugin is installed, click activate button.

Configure MailChimp Plugin Settings

When you will activate the plugin, MailChimp Settings will appear in Settings tab.

  • Click on MailChimp Settings to configure Subscription form settings, similar to screenshot below.

MailChimp Plugin Settings

Note: In above screenshot Step 2: Plugin prompts to synchronize MailChimp account with WordPress, which requires a secret API key.

  • Click on the blue link which says “get your API key here” and you will be directed to MailChimp login screen, similar to screenshot below.

MailChimp Login Screen

  • On successful login, you will get to see Your MailChimp API Key. Copy the key and save it for future usage.

MailChimp API Key Screen

  • Once you have the key, go back to MailChimp Plugin Settings window and paste API key in text-field. Also press Save & Check Button to see some action.

Save MailChimp API Key

  • If API key gets validated, you will see Green Text saying “Success! We were able to verify your API Key! Lets continue, shall we?”.
  • Further, with successful synchronization, plugin will list all mailing lists created under that MailChimp account. You can select any one list from the dropdown and hit the Update List button on right. (Refer to the below screenshot)

Valid MailChimp API Key Message

  • On updating the list, you will see a lot of options below to customize and style the subscription form.

How to style MailChimp form in WordPress ?

As we know subscription forms should be eye catchy to attract more subscribers. You can do so by using the MailChimp Settings to style MailChimp subscription form.

  • Refer to the screenshot below which explains about styling and customization of MailChimp form.

Customize Subscription Form

  • Once done, click on Update List Form Settings Button to save all changes. We are now all set to display subscription form in Sidebar.

How to Embed MailChimp form in Sidebar ?

MailChimp Subscribe List Plugin creates a widget, which can be found in Appearances > Widgets.

  • Simply drag from the MailChimp Widget to the desired position in the sidebar, you can also refer to the screenshot below.
Display MailChimp Form in Sidebar

Embed MailChimp form in sidebar

  • Once done, refresh the website to check MailChimp form in sidebar of WordPress Site.

MailChimp Form Sidebar WordPressSomehow if you don’t like your MailChimp form styling, you can go back to the Step-3 and redesign subscription form again, with some new colors, till you satisfy yourself. 🙂

Seems to be Easy ‘eh ?

Well, this tutorial may look too lengthy, but believe me it just saved you from the Nightmares and Ghosts Coding and CSS Styling. LOL! Secondly, MailChimp power ease in managing Email subscription list and builds database of your contacts.

With this we come to the end of this tutorial on Easy way to add MailChimp Subscription Form on WordPress Blog. If you have any query or further assistance is required, you can post comment below as your feedback.