The wait is over now, as Google has used their trump card by launching Google+ Pages for Business. Yes, you can now create Google+ Pages for your websites, blogs, local business, brands and etcetera. Creating a Google+ Fan Page is, quite similar to a Facebook Fan Page, that you just need to login to your profile and get started. Not that easy ? Or doesn’t make sense to you ? Not a problem, you can simply follow rest of the article. 😉

google-plus-pagesIn the article, we will learn how to create Google+ page for your blog or website. For your ease, I have divided this article into three easy steps, that is, Getting Started, Setup Info and Publish & Share.

Getting Started: Create Google+ Page

Let us get started with the creation of your first Google+ Page, follow the quick steps below:

  • Login to your Google+ Profile.
  • On the right pane look for Create a Google+ Page and click on the link or you can simply click here.
create new google plus page

Create new google plus page

  • After clicking the link, you will be redirected to a page similar to screenshot below:
setup new google page

Screen 1: Create a page

  • Enter the required details, for instance Name of the Page, Category, Website Link and privacy. Privacy is beneficial if you want to make your page private or limit page scope to people who connect the circle. Once done, click the red CREATE button and your page will be created.
  • In next screen, you will be prompted to add a tagline and add image to Google Page, just like in the screenshot below:
customize google page

Screen 2: Customize Google Page

  • Once done, click Continue Button to save changes and move to next screen. In the next screen, Google will ask you to publish this page, but I recommend you to skip this step as it will share incomplete page to your fans. Click the Finish Button to complete Getting Started step. (refer to screenshot below)
save google page changes

Screen 3: Share Google Page

Setup Info: Configure Google+ Page

So now that you have created new Google Fan Page for website, we will have to setup few things before we publish or share it with your fans. Below are quick steps to setup profile of Google Fan Page:

  • On the home screen, click the profile button as shown in the screenshot below.
edit profile google fan page

Edit Google Page profile

  • On the profile page, click the About Tab and press blue Edit Profile Button on top right.
  • In the edit profile screen, you can change profile picture, add description, custom link on right pane and so on. (refer to the screenshot below)
google fan page description

Add profile information

  • In Google+ Fan Page description has rich text editor, which also allows you to insert links, format text for bold, italics & underline, and bulleted & numbered list items. (refer to the screenshot below)
format google page description

Format Profile Description with Rich Text Editor

Google Fan Page looks good ? Don’t miss to use rich text editor to format your description.

  • Once done, click the Save button and also the red top bar Done Editing button, when you finish editing the profile.

Publish & Share Google+ Page with Friends

Ready with your Google+ Fan Page ‘eh ? If so, then without any further delay we should promote the Google+ Fan Page with your friends. In the profile page itself hit the green Share your page Button, which you will see right below the profile picture. On clicking the green button, a window will open similar to screenshot below.

share google fan page with friends

Share Google Page with your friends

In the share window, type your message, set the privacy level and hit the Share Button. Done ? GREAT! You have now successfully shared Google Page with your friends and with this we come to the end of this tutorial.

Did you like Google+ Fan Page for your Blog ? Let us know by posting a comment below and you can also add TheCreatology on Google+.