Capital Striders

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[Project Overview]

CapitalStriders is a Central Iowa Running Club, which encourage  and promote running through the education of the community on the benefits of physical fitness and amateur sport. Website administrator connected me via twitter, and it was our first freelance WordPress  project, on web.

A unique layout with cool blue sporty theme for running club was designed. A WordPress custom theme was further developed with jQuery Image Slider, which looked awesome in header area.

[Client's Feedback]

When our group decided we wanted a custom theme designed for a website overhaul, I was tasked with both finding a party to do the work and for being that person’s liaison during the creation process. Akshay Khurana was whom we chose to do our theme and we’re quite pleased with the output he’s created. Mr. Khurana asked for my input on how we wanted our theme to look and was receptive to changes and ideas that I offered during the process. While I did not have a date by which I needed to have the theme completed, Mr. Khurana was still vigilant and prompt with updates and communication on what progress he was making and with ensuring the design was completed in a timely manner.
Finally, Mr. Khurana was extremely helpful during my installation of the theme into a test blog, ensuring that I understood how everything worked and what I needed to know to make the best use of the design.
The Des Moines Capital Striders are pleased with Mr. Khurana’s work and would not hesitate to call upon him again in the future.

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