Why you should prefer WordPress for your website ?

Are you familiar with WordPress? Well if you are not, WordPress is a Great Open source Blogging Software. WordPress is one of the Best Blogging platform, which is FREE! WordPress interface and its outstanding features makes browsing easy and robust. WordPress is not just blogging application, but also serves Business Websites for various industries.

Why use WordPress ?

In the article, you will know why you should prefer WordPress for your website. Below are some key features of WordPress:

User Friendly Interface

You don’t have to be a computer expert or pursue any course to use WordPress on your website. It takes 5 minutes to install WordPress on your website, whereas many web hosting companies like Hostgator, Bluehost etc. features one-click WordPress installation, using the hosting Control Panel.

Not just the installation, WordPress interface is user friendly as well. Organizing your content, using image editor everything seems to be so easy. Don’t panic if you get stuck, WordPress tutorials and Support Forums are just click-a-way on internet.

Open Source License

As mentioned earlier, WordPress is an Open Source application, which is free for Personal as well as Commercial Use. For instance, if you are planning to launch a website, there is no initial setup cost, whereas later on you may hire a WordPress designer to shape things for you.

Cross Browser Compatibility

WordPress Code respects W3C Standards (W3C is the main International Standards Organization for World Wide Web) and therefore WordPress Websites are compatible with all browsers and works fine in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

One-Click Upgrade

I really like this feature in WordPress which they released version 3, as it automatically upgrades WordPress Core files, Themes and Plugins with a single click, whenever an update is available.

Extended Features

WordPress has many other extended features and they are:

Unique Theme Designs
WordPress being a platform, so it you install and customize website theme. There are a lot Free WordPress Themes available online and which can be installed directly from the WordPress Admin panel.

If free themes don’t amaze you, then look up for some Premium WordPress Themes like Elegant Themes or Thesis Theme, whereas if nothing goes well, then you can get one customized for yourself.

TheCreatology also offers WordPress Customization, you can try your luck with us. 🙂

Powerful Plugins
WordPress Plugins gives your blog extended features and capabilities. There are a lot of plugins available on the WordPress Directory, which can be installed within WordPress Admin Panel.

Search Engine Ping
WordPress is famous for Ping Feature and this is only major difference between normal website and WordPress site. The analogy behind WordPress Ping is that, when any content on a WordPress site is updated, it Pings various other sites and directories.

No Spam
WordPress has built-in powerful tools like proxy checker which control spamming on the website. On the other hand there are many open source plugins, like askimet, available to eliminate spam.

Yet not satisfied ?

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