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How to install Akismet to block spam comments on blog

by Aky Joe

WordPress has some great features and plugins to maximize blogging potential. You can also read Why you should prefer WordPress for your website ? to know more about WordPress. In that article, one extended feature of WordPress is to block spam on blog. For spam protection, there are many WordPress plugins available which help restrict spammers to comment on your blog.

No-Spam using akismet

No Spam Comments Anymore

Akismet is one great Plugin which comes by default in all WordPress installations. But Akismet is not capable of working of its own, so you will have to install and configure Akismet plugin. In the article we will guide you how to install Akismet to protect your blog against spam.

Below is a simple procedure, you just need to focus a bit.

Step 1: Install-Activate Akismet Plugin

As mentioned above, Akismet plugin comes pre-installed with the WordPress Installations. So we are just required to Activate the Plugin, and you can do so by Navigating to WP Dashboard > Plugins. You will find Akismet Plugin in All listed Plugins, Click the Activate button, similar to screenshot below.

step1-activate akismet plugin on wordpress

Activate Plugin

Great! You have now activated the plugin.

Step 2: Get Akismet API Key

On activating the Plugin, you will see a Yellow highlighted message on the top of the Dashboard saying “Enter you WordPress.com API Key”, very similar to screenshot below.

step1-configure akismet plugin on wordpress

Akismet Configuration Alert

Click on the link, an it will direct you to Akismet Configuration where you will be required to enter API key. You can get API key from Akismet by registering an account with them. It’s free for personal blogs! 🙂

Get Akismet API key

Get Akismet API key

Alternative way is if you have saved your old WordPress.com API key then you can use that as well. Once you have the API key, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Configure Akismet to Block Spam

Now that we have the API key, we are all set to configure Akismet to Block spam commenting.

  • Click on the “Enter you Akismet API key” highlighted message, once again.
  • On Akismet Configuration Page, paste your Akismet Key in text box, and click Update Options button.
  • Now, once the options are saved, your API key will be verified, and if API key is valid you will see Green Signal, similar to screenshot below.
step3-API key Valid akismet plugin on wordpress

API key is Valid, Akismet Configured!

  • If Akismet key is not valid, then you go to Step 2 and get a valid API key.

Congrats, we have successfully configured Akismet on WordPress blog.

We’re Done!

Setting up Akismet Plugin is though easy task, but Akismet is a powerful plugin to block spam comments. Installation of Akismet and other essential plugins for WordPress, we offer to setup for you in WordPress Free Setup package.

Which plugin are you using to protect spam on your blog ? If you have any query with the article, you can send you feedback by posting comment below.

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Wordpress plugins March 25, 2012 at 12:29 am

This a must have plugin, no doubt about that! Akismet, with addition of some kind of CAPTCHA plugin will catch 99.99% of all spam.


Heri Sudiana April 2, 2012 at 9:27 pm

It’s worth trying. That’s good article. I try it. Thanks


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