How to get in touch with Aky?

You can reach Aky via e-Mail “akyjoe AT theCreatology DOT com, or via contact form below. For instant messaging you can add him on skype, yahoo, twitter, facebook or google.

What is Creatology?

The science of creativity is the term defined as Creatology. It may not be found in most of the dictionaries, or other references, but it surely is a well known term to all human beings.

Creatology, like the other classified sciences, has been applied to many aspects in invention/creation of tools, increasing productivity and getting effectiveness in way of thinking. The most basic aspect of Creatology is the problem solving process. Respecting the fact, web development is a part of creative technology as well and hence it is termed as TheCreatology.

How long it takes you to finish a project?

With swift skills and quick hands we can develop a website in 5 hours, only if design is ready. Designing and imagining are two endless processes, and usually it can take upto 3-4 days to reach your level of satisfaction. Well overall, we take 5-7 days atleast to wrap up the project.

What are the business hours for TheCreatology?

We are working 5 days a week, with a flexible routine. We work on client projects from Monday to Friday between 11am-7pm, whereas weekends are scheduled for internal projects.

What is the mode of payment?

At present, we only accept payments via PayPal, though Direct Bank Transfer is also an option for Indian Clients.

What are the terms of payment for the project?

To keep things biased, it requires 40% of the estimated value of the project and rest 60% after handling over the project.

What are other additional services included?

Mohandas Gandhi said “The best way to find you is to lose yourself in the service of others”. TheCreatology serves the following, with every project:

  • 24 x 7 e-Mail support for 15 days after project deployment.
  • One hour of consulting and assistance after project completion (which includes tips and resolutions)
  • Browser Compatibility Test

What does Browser compatibility test means?

As we have different browsers around the WWW, working with basic standards we try to fix the best for visually appealing results. We assure our results to be working fine with Firefox 3+, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7+.

Do you offer any maintenance and webmaster services as well?

Certainly Yes! We have good experienced support for SEO, Backup and other webmaster services like setting up of e-Mail, docs, calendar, analytical tools etc. You may want to visit hire me page for more information.

The Question isn’t listed ?

If your question is not listed in FAQ, then feel free to Email help [at] TheCreatology [dot] com or you can also use the contact form below.

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